Saturday, 31 March 2012

I am with out a label

My name is Daniel moss and I am with out a label. I am currently studying at Hereford collage of arts to become an artist blacksmith. The path that has lead me hear has been long and hard but I feel as if I have finally found a place for my mind, body and spirit.

I hope to use this blog to describe the next 3years to myself, my tutors and also on lookers whom ever you maybe. I have been on a journey of discovery for the past 3years and my travels have lead me to this point. I need to find out who and what I am, in this quest I have given up a carer and a lifestyle, so that I can travel the world and study. I own nothing, yet I have every thing.

Part of my current module at the collage was to look at my self and ask who and what am I. This has been some what of a mile stone for me and the fruits of such deep study have been most profitable. In fact not only has this module open up ideas about myself as a craftsmen but as a Human being and how I fit in to my world. I have learnt about what influences me, who has influenced me and how that affects my every day life.

We are subject to influence and idea but it is how we chose to use that information and influence that makes unique.

I feel that my study at the collage will take me on journeys that I might not have chosen on another path and for this I am grateful. These paths are just influence and hold no weigh; what I become is my own idea and how I chose to label myself is something I have already done. Therefore I am not a blacksmith, nor am I an artist, I am not a potter nor a sculptor I am without a label and I have no desire to own one.

No matter the size of the vessel it can never hold more, but if you try hard it can hold less.

I just understand that there well always be things that don’t fit, that don’t work and can’t. No matter how hard I try it just won’t happen. I hope in time I can explain myself better and with clarity but for now I must remain an enigma for I am that to myself.