Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Power of Steam

It’s mad to think that the nicest of Gems are often right under our noses. One of these Gems is the Hereford Waterworks Museum located at the top of Broomly Hill tucked away just by the river. Over the summer a group of volunteers run the machines every other Sunday and what a sight it was but the museum its self is open all year on a Tuesday 11am-4pm. It’s an absolutely great day out and would be an ideal place for the whole family to see. They are currently working on a new water playground for the kids to learn all about water pumping machines. The only drawback was I had to make two trips to the museum as lots of the pictures that I had taken were blurrier from all the locomotion.

The pumps and engines provided me with loads of research images which were great and I spent most of the trip working out what was forged or cast??? Not all of the machines run on steam some run on hot air, there is a large natural gas engine and one or two diesel engines also; each machine having a different job and coming from somewhere in Herefordshire. There was also a large water wheel running as well.

Other news the Easter break was great and I caught up on some rest and written work. Whilst writing my business plan I managed to find a workshop and source a 2 cwt B&S Massey which is going to be amazing. So all things being well I will have a nice place to work right after college has finished. All that’s left is to make some more nice stuff.