Sunday, 21 April 2013


This post is a little late because I have been waiting to show John and Elaine the design ideas for the hanging light. We also discussed finishes, types of lighting and timescale/costs so I’m now ready to go ahead and start making. I went to their home today to show them the design drawings and they seemed really impressed and positive.

The brief was to create a hanging light that was unique and contemporary; in form, design and technology. They were very keen to have a piece that used forge elements but the same time had other elements like machined components and glass. They also wanted much more than just a light, they had spent quite a lot of time looking for something to fill the space that they have asked me to work with. So I have taken a traditional twist on the cart wheel type of hanging light and made it very sculptural. The piece will be made mostly of steel and have some forged and machined brass components. And the lights will be stripped LEDs or flexing LEDs that can be controlled with a remote. Combining each of these to create something that John and Elaine seem to have fallen in love with. All that’s left is to make the piece and I hope they will like it as much as the drawings.

I’ve produced a range of drawings using sketches, more technical drawing and CAD. I have put some of the images that I created below hope you guys like.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

busy as a bee

What an amazing week, I will add it to the running list. So things just keep getting busier and better, I have just finished my first week with Paul at Pioneer prototype engineering. I also met up with John to discuss the hanging lights commission and I was offered it and will start work on that ASAP.
Next week I hope to collect the stock that Ambrose ordered for Fresh air for me and start prepping for college which restarts on 22 April. I have six weeks till assessment and then I believe I have two more weeks to fresh air. So I’m very busy and have to produce two pieces now by the end of term. As I have offered to complete Johns lights as part of my CP2. I’m currently working on drawings for the light and as far as concept goes it’s an open goal.
This Friday I went to see John and his wife Elaine and talk to them about the commission; we talked about what they wanted and what I could offer them. It was an absolutely amazing event and they have pretty much offered me free rein. They’ve asked me to produce a large hanging sculptural light that can be placed in their entrance hall. They would like some think fairly contemporary and very bespoke.

I took a long range of samples and some finished work to show them what I could produce and talk to them about my ideas and what I would like to produce for them. So bring on the drawing board I’ll keep you guys posted and share all the news as and when it comes.
Thank you to everyone who has helped me over the last couple of years. I’m at the point of making an idea into reality and I owe that to a handful of amazing people.
Dell, Ambrose, Adrian, Richard, Mel, James and all the other guys over at HE Hereford College of art.
Paul and Andy at Pioneer prototype engineering
John and his lovely wife Elaine thank you guys I couldn’t have done any of this without your help.
Also I owe a superduper thank you to monkey you are amazing and most of this has come about because I said hey, how’s it going.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Forgein at Bringsty

on 6 April 2013 I went to my first forgein at Bringsty forge. The forge is owned and run by three blacksmiths Adrian Legge, Henry Pomfret and Tony Ingerfield. Adrian and Tony are both tutors at Hereford technical College, they teach blacksmithing at Holme Layce agricultural College. The event was for one day and attended by a number of smith’s from across the country. We had a small forging competition based on the inspiration of the number three. After the competition we had a barbecue and people join together for singing and more forging.

I forged a piece for the competition but it was quite difficult to make some think as at some points there were 3 to 4 people sharing a fire and anvil. A made a piece that looked a lot like my most recent work and consisted of three components riveted together with brass rivets. I had a nice idea by cutting into the frame and pulling part of it out to make a leg. There was a really wide range of pieces made varying in size and style. Some pieces were very complex and took all day to make and others were very quick and easy. It’s was lots of fun and really nice to meet and work with lots of new people.

The competition was judged and I came nowhere, but first prize was the admiration of fellow competitors. Adrian then put some large sheets of steel onto the fires and we burnt some meat. The whole day was lots of fun and I learnt loads. Thank you Adrian, Henry and Tony I had a wonderful time and can’t wait for next year.

If you wish to find out more about Bringsty Forge or Adrian, Henry, Tony they have a website with contact details.