Saturday, 11 May 2013

Heavy Stock

Sorry guys this is a little late but I’ve been super busy. I have to do less drawing now so I’ll be able to get more stuff out to you soon. My making is going super well and my car is starting to feel the load of all this extra work like me. So the last couple of weeks has been spent cutting, bending, forging and moving silly heavy stock about and if I’m honest it’s been really quite hard. On the up side the whole experience is going well and I’m enjoying the process but I will need a brake after all this.

I’ll stick some pictures up so you guys and girls can see what I’m up to and how it’s all going. I also want to thank some people as none of this would be possible without them. My first shout out goes to Ambrose Burns whom is a bit of a legend in my eyes right now. Not only has he really started to get some amazing work out there but he has helped me no end and I’m truly grateful. Over the summer I hope to go round and make a couple of little blog posts and maybe some vlog posts about other blacksmiths and also guys on my course. I think I will start with Ambrose and show you some of his work and what he gets up to.

I also want to shout out to all the staff at HCA at the HE centre you guys are amazing and I think I’ll make a post about them and HE also as next year we are on the move. I want to thank SWS Special welding services on Plough Lane, Hereford thanks for all the help as well, especially Mike and Ian. They are sorting stock, bending stuff and water cutting quite a cool bunch of guys. Last and no mean lest thanks Paul and Andy at Pioneer you guys are amazing; it quite odd to feel as if you know so little after such a long time. Some of the nicest and brightest guys I have ever met. Thank you guy you are also super cool.
Thanks to monkey for all the support Love you xx