Monday, 20 January 2014


Just before Christmas it would seem that I was able to take control of this runaway train and I might make it safely back to the station. After putting quite a considerable amount of time into the locks and boxes I realised that they just were not going to work and in order to make them right meant going back to the drawing board. I made a decision to drop the project and start fresh and the results have been very pleasing.

I’m back working the way I love and I’m comfortable with the way I am choosing to forge. The boxes were failing on many levels and I felt that achieving a final outcome was important; I could have spent a lot of time and money trying to get the boxes to work and ultimately have nothing. Also what little forging I was doing was a result of poor design and it felt stuck on. I now have two part finished lamps and I’m now ready to begin forging the third.

The lights have been influenced by the piece I made for John and the desire to create elegant and interesting forge work that shows the use of contemporary forging techniques. I am concentrating a lot of my efforts on the production of all my stock, fixings, fastenings and where possible electronics. As prototypes go I’m very satisfied with the two lights as far. Also my productivity is up and I’m no longer messing around with plastic maquettes and trying to find cheap prices for water/laser cut components.

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