Sunday, 1 April 2012


Finished EXM piece by Dan Moss

“It is not wise to be one side, time should be spent making all sides equally” Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi was a Samurai in the late 15th century and was heralded as one of Japans greatest warriors. He devoted himself to the study of the sword and came to profound understand of life. In order to be anything one must understand everything, no part of ones life should be undeveloped. This is a simple idea but can lead to one sideness.

The idea is well known and in its simplest form is understood but is rarely practiced. Mind, body and spirit or soul in balance we have all seen it and I guess most of use would like to believe that we are balanced. I can safely say I am not for the mere idea of trying to achieve balance is counter intuitive. I should nether search nor wait to find what is not lost.

Miyamoto was a master of balance, he was intelligent, wise, brave, strong, skilled and holy. Through study, training and meditation he became unbeatable and never lost a fight, he kill all of his appoints. But Miyamoto was never a hired sword and had no master in faced the idea of calling him a Samurai is a little odd. He was a poet, a painter, a writer, a monk and lastly a worrier.

I also really enjoy his idea on Zen and the concept of Bushido; both ways of life that go about the same thing very differently. Most Samurai practiced both Zen Buddhism and Bushido one the way of the warrior and the other the way of the enlightened, both ways create equilibrium and the scales are balanced.

For myself the idea of balance in my work is important, I am not seeking an aesthetic of balance but the idea. If the idea of the material is light in weigh then it should look so but when it is held it should feel heavy. This in turn confuse and challenges the participants senses and ideas, opening the mind and waking the spirit.

Checking that carved porcelain bowls fitted the mild steel bars that I had forged from 10mm round bar and the copper forged wedges held them in place.

This is my concept and in turn I hope to challenge the ideas of people and make them think about hum they our and how they fit into there own world. I have chosen the life of a samurai and I use both Zen and Bushido in my work.

Stop looking at what isn’t there and see what is.

Finished EXM Piece by Dan Moss

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