Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mecha - (Insert Subject Here)

As part of one of are modules ICP we have to identify who we are and what we are all about. This in turn will hopeful give use as makers a clear and well round idea of what we want to create. This module has been delivered to us in several parts and has two lots of assessments this make up a final grade added to our EXM marks. For the first task we had to collected 50words and Pictures that have some sort of emotive or aesthetic value for us then we where asked to use the images and words to produce sketches of things we like and wanted to explore. From the sketches we have to produce small models and sample that reflected are ideas.

From these sketches and ideas we where asked to produce a statement of intent, it should describe what we have learnt and what we believe to be are practice, What I want to do and how I intent on doing it. Its quite odd, I honestly believe that I had a good idea of what I was doing and what I wanted to do; to some extent I do but its not quite how I perceived it. In faced there are some parts of it that I still have no idea about and this is exceptionally irritating. But I have come to some clarity about my work and what it is I’m doing and the answers to these question where already very prescient in my mind and I didn’t even know.

From a very early age I have been exposed to three very pivotal ideas and this ideas I think work together amazingly well. I uses this ideas to understand the world around me, these ideas have guided my hand and they make me how I am. There have been time when my ideas have clashed but, I believe this is because they have become out of balance, distorted beyond recognition. One of this ideas is something that I owe my Grandfather a great deal for. My grandfather was or I guess is still an engineer and a man of science. Almost all of my early conversation that I can remember with him have be driven by questions about the world I live in. The answers where often detailed and easy for me to understand in turn this has allowed me to explore the information and build a detailed image of the world around me. But I don’t see trees instead I see chemical conversion factories, the heart isn’t a muscle but a hydraulic pump and the wings on a bird are no different to the wing on a racing car just up side down.

I have always done this for as long as I can remember, I describe the whole world around me like on big machine. I do it with every thing even things that don’t exist or so large that the comprehension of them is over whelming (hence why I change it). I even describe my self as a cog in a machine with a job and a very specific work load. I see society as a machine, planet earth is a machine and I myself am a machine. Know the next bit I’m going to describe is a little fuzzy to me so if it’s a lot fuzzy to you then its my bad. This is the part that one of my other ideas gets evolved, I am a mechanic and an engineer I look after my engines, pumps and machines; I clean them when they are dirty, I change there oil and filters, I modify and repair them, replacing the old for new and in time the old has been completely changed and now is new. But I also built them, I took time to design them and study every aspect of them. We are a father and mother, we have children; we clean them when they are dirty, we care for them when they are sick, and through education, nutrition and exercise we help the grow and change into the next generation.

So who watch earth, who picks it up when it falls, who change its parts and who took all that time to design it? For the governments are just cogs as am I, they just perform a different task from you or I; think of the as gages or screens that show information about what’s happing. Or buttons that when press make one part of the machine work different for good or bad.

I have Learnt that I describe my world in mechanical terms, I use scientific theory and ideas to build pictures of the hide world that lies in front of me. I use my study of machines, electronics and engines to allow me to understand people, society and even Gaia. The weirdest thing is I left a job I loved and dreamed of because it was to much. So in order for me to express my self and my ideas I should use a method that fits me well and this is the mechanical representations of my idea and thoughts through forging, machining, and fabrication of metals and other mediums as I see fit.


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